The Milkshake Daddy: Murciélago va al Infierno

The EP Cover:

Murciélago va al Infierno

About the EP:

The EP features the songs:

  • Exile in Hueco Mundo (Hollow World): all the horror of being exiled from your home in a supernatural world of demonic soul-eating spectors.
  • Last Flight of the Crimson Grunion: last flight of a grand, old space battle ship.
  • Estancamiento: Stagnation.

Instruments used: A Gibson Les Paul Studio, a microKORG, a Kaossilator, the blue KORG Electribe, and the iPad apps: Drums!, FunkBox, and AniMoog.

Here's the songs! This EP is FREE as in BEER! You're free to download, share, play it where ever you like, and remix it.

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