Biodiversity Heritage Library has lots of Fulgoroidea images

The Biodiversity Heritage Library scans thousands of public domain documents and makes their text and images available online. Among the images scanned are many images of fulgoroidea!

Just a sample:


Check out this image scanned by the Biodiversity Heritage Library from the document George Perry’s Arcanae naturae.


Fulgora Party from The cabinet of oriental entomology London : William Smith, 113 Fleet Street, [1848].

Fulgoroidea Frenzy, this time for real

Fulgoroidea Frenzy for Real

Two and a half years ago I joked that I was shutting down Cicada Mania, and starting a new site called Fulgoroidea Frenzy (Fulgoroidea being a super family of insect related to Cicadoidea). On April 1st, 2013 it was a lie. Now it is true.

I ID more fulgoroidea than cicadoidea these days, so it makes sense to start a new blog about planthoppers.