Insect Rivals of the Rainbow, Plate VII

I have this one on the wall of my office. Insect Rivals of the Rainbow, Plate VII from National Geographic magazine circa July 1929. This plate features cicadas, plant & frog hoppers.

Plate VII - Insect Rivals of the Rainbow

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Featured on the plate:

#2 Indian Lantern Fly, Saiva cardinalis (Butler, 1874).
#3 Asiatic Lantern Fly, aka Spotted Lanternfly, Lycorma delicatula (White, 1845)
#5 Mexican Lantern Fly, Enchophora stillifera (Stål, 1862)
#7 Philippine Lantern Fly, Aphana astraea Stål, 1864
#8 Philippine Frog-hopper, Gynopygoplax theora (White, 1845)
#10 Brazilian Frog-hopper, Tomaspis furcata (Germar, 1821)