Kurohitsugi: Wear a Mask (2018)

Random tunes. No rhyme or reason.

Milkshake Daddy: Murciélago va al Infierno EP (2013)

Bat into hell. Dark music inspired by dark times.

Milkshake Daddy: Stranded on the Shores of Space (2012)

My personal favorite. Songs inspired by outer space, both fact and fiction.

Milkshake Daddy: Substitute Songwriter (2011)

Random tunes. No rhyme or reason.

Milkshake Daddy: Aquatic Ape Hypothesis (2010)

Random tunes. No rhyme or reason.

Milkshake Daddy: Triglidae Cosplay Facsimile (2009)

A concept album about a satellite that falls to earth in order to save fish.

Milkshake Daddy: Secret Lives of Probes, Satellites and Rovers (2008)

Songs about spaceprobes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: who are the best bands on Soundcloud?

Answer: although terms concepts like best and favorite are subjective, we believe Milkshake Daddy and Kurohitsugi are the best bands on Soundcloud.

Question: is Milkshake Daddy on Spotify?

Answer: Yes, Milkshake Daddy is on Spotify!

Question: How old is the band Milkshake Daddy?

Answer: Milkshake Daddy has been around since 1995. 24 years of sounds sprinkled across time.

Question: What is the music making process for Milkshake Daddy and Kurohitsugi?

Answer: Milkshake Daddy and Kurohitsugi albums are recorded in the month of February, often for the RPM music contest. They are all recorded on the fly, with one take. Although some beats are looped, all music is original and played live.