Milkshake Daddy: Aquatic Ape Hypothesis

Updated: Tuesday November 24, 2020.

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Milkshake Daddy: Aquatic Ape Hypothesis

About the Album:

Aquatic Ape Hypothesis is an audio odyssey spanning the genres of electronic rock, ambient, acid rock, funk and instrumental, and inspired by futurism, B-movies, science fiction, science fact, NASA, space exploration, Japanese giant monsters, fish, cicada insects, and even Flipper. Instruments used include: mandolin, bass, electric guitar, Stylophone, various Korg keyboards & sound devices, a Bliptronic 5000, BOSS drum machine, a “Take Back the Noise” bent-circuit noise device, an iMac, and my throat.

Here's the songs! This album is FREE as in FREE BEER! You're free to download, share, play it where ever you like, and remix it. You just can't sell it.

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Light Dispelling Darkness

rock noise about a sculpture in Roosevelt Park in Edison NJ. Features a mandolin solo!


industrial soundtrack for the continuing saga of the satellite and the giant man-fish monster.

Aquatic Ape Hypothesis

instrumental rock soundtrack for the epic adventures of the Aquatic Ape Man.


an ambient song dedicated to the dolphin who played Flipper.


instrumental rock song about the Curiosity rover.

The Fifth Instar, Parts 1 & 2

an ambient soundtrack for the emergence of Magicicada cicadas

Neil Degrasse High

an ambient track that brings to mind space, and all the beauty it has to offer.

Sloppy Space Junk

a funky odessy about the space junk that orbits the earth.


Fish Demon Attacks!

The Luddite

no keyboards on this track