The Milkshake Daddy: Stranded on the Shores of Space

Updated: Friday May 05, 2023.

The Album Cover:

Stranded on the Shores of Space

About the Album:

  • The album was recorded in February of 2012 for the RPM Challenge.
  • The license for Milkshake Daddy: Stranded on the Shores of Space is Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0).
  • Here's the songs! This album is FREE as in BEER! You're free to download, share, play it where ever you like, and remix it. Download all Mp3s in a ZIP (56MB)
  • The album was mixed while I was suffering from two ear infections, and acute mastoiditis, which I don't recommend.
  • The album is dedicated to Carl Sagan.

Stranded on the Shores of Space features 9 songs and over 39 minutes of songs about space travel and various objects in our solar system. I recorded it after watching all episodes of the TV show Cosmos.

(BTW, the original name of the album was "A Prisim Refracting Light", and the purpose of music is to provide a sound track for Neil Degrasse Tyson's inevitable wooing of Amy Mainzer, and their creation of a race of magic space babies.)

Instruments used: A bass, a Gibson Les Paul Studio, a microKORG, a Kaossilator, a Roland BOSS drum machine, the blue KORG Electribe, sound-drop toys from Japan, and the iPad apps: Drums!, FunkBox, SoundPrism, iMS-20, moxMatrix, and AniMoog.

Listen to the album: