Kurohitsugi: Wear a Mask (2018)

Wear a Mask recorded in the fall of 2018 by Kurohitsugi (over a year before “wear a mask” become a thing).

Download Kurohitsugi: Wear a Mask (2018) (128MB ZIP). Download album art.

Kurohitsugi: Wear a Mask (2018)


Dancing centipedes
1) Dance of the Voyeuristic Centipedes (3:40):

Glistening keyboards and breathing beats… might creep you out if you keep the title of the song in mind.

The Devil is in your Heart
2) The Devil is in Your Heart (6:16):

Instrumental, slinky electro-pop.

A thousand insects, frogs, birds, and rodents screaming at sunset.
3) Everything Screams (4:33):

Organic electronics gurgle and pulse, dis-harmonically and maybe horrifically.

Prince Rupert's Magic Poodle
4) Prince Ruperts Magic Poodle (4:34):

Sort of Prog-Rockish tribute to Prince Rupert’s poodle Boye, who accompanied the Prince in battle and was said to have mystically powers such as shape shifting and catching bullets in mid air.

Slime molds in a maze
5) Slime Molds (5:25):

Slime Molds are fungi-like creatures that gather together to form larger, creeping entities. This is what I think they would sound like if they made noise.

6 fingers!
6) Stained Lips and Fingertips (4:27):

Ran out of time and did not write lyrics/vocals but it is a song about sexual encounters in a New Jersey cranberry bog. Throbbing electronica.

Watching Anime on Ambien
7) Watching Anime on Ambien (Wild Ghosts) (4:15):

A lot of Anime have plots about souls and ghosts, so I made some fake dialog about an imaginary Anime about people who don’t have souls are used by souls/ghosts to do their bidding in the material world. Horror soundtracky kind of music.

Walk into my Parlor
8) Walk into My Parlor (5:13):

Another “ran out of time to write lyrics”, so I just added clips from a documentary about black window spiders. The song was going to be about “hitting rock bottom, but not knowing it, and how you should always keeping crawling upward just in case you have hit bottom.” More slinky electronica.

Fade to red
9) Fade to Red (3:45):

10) The Suburbs (5:16):

The music turned out very mellow, so I went cynical and used ironic clips from a documentary about the American Suburban lifestyle.


Wear a Mask is my new album, made for the 2018 RPM Challenge. The music ranges from ambient, to horror movie soundtrack. Either scary or mellow. Mostly electronic. Instruments: Korg Electribe, microKorg, MiniNova, Les Paul, bass.