Milkshake Daddy: Triglidae Cosplay Facsimile


Updated: Tuesday November 24, 2020.

The Album Cover:

Triglidae Cosplay Facsimile

About the Album:

Triglide Cosplay Facsimile is a concept album about a satellite that develops artificial intelligence and decides that it wants to explore earth's oceans instead of space. On earth it meets Mr. Sprinkles, the Cat, who directs him to Sakanayokai the fish demon whom it does battle with to free the Sea Robins off the Jersey Shore. Yes really. Crazy right? Music has fallen behind visual art in terms of weirdness, and it's time to catch up.

I recorded the album during February 2009, during which time I was working 50 hours a week at my jobby job, drinking lots of black tea, eating about a loaf of bread a day (not kidding). I also lost 6 pounds. I used Guitar Band to record this (that's my excuse for any quality issues, like low volume or clipping), with a little help from Audacity, a Shure 58 microphone and lots of cables.

Here's the songs! This album is FREE as in BEER! You're free to download, share, play it where ever you like, and remix it.

Tracks: Listen and Download for Free

Love Satellite

Genre: Rock
Volume: Loud
Instruments: BOSS DR-880, microKORG, Gibson SG, POD XT, Japanese novelty key chains, computerized vocals.
Inspiration/Notes: Las Vegas Grind compilations, B movies, Front 242, NASA, JAXA.

Return to Earth

Genre: Ambient
Volume: Low
Instruments: microKORG, the blue KORG Electribe, arcade noise
Inspiration/Notes: Armed Police Batrider videogame, NASA, JAXA.


Genre: Ambient
Volume: Medium
Notes: Was a song featuring thrash guitar and troll vocals. I removed those.
Instruments: microKORG, arcade noise
Inspiration/Notes: Just the microKorg.

The Interview

Genre: Rock
Volume: Medium
Instruments: microKORG, Gibson SG, POD XT, arcade noise, computerized vocals
Inspiration/Notes: British TV and Lit. Louis Carrol. NASA & JAXA.

Meeting Mr. Sprinkles

Genre: Electronica
Volume: Loud
Instruments: Human beat box, microKORG, Gibson SG, POD XT
Inspiration/Notes: My sister's cat. Funkadelic.

My Camera

Genre: Reggae
Volume: Low, but lots of bass
Instruments: microKORG, Polaroid Camera, Sony Camcorder
Inspiration/Notes: my photography hobby, NASA, JAXA.

Someday We'll Look Back and SCREAM

Genre: Ambient
Volume: Loud, lots of bass
Instruments: Human beat box, KORG Kaossilator, microKORG.
Inspiration/Notes: this one is just totally random.

Scorpaeniform Paradox

Genre: Ambient
Volume, Low, but lots of bass at the end
Instruments: My goldfish tank, KORG Kaossilator, the blue KORG Electribe
Inspiration/Notes: Sea Robins, my Sea Robin costume, my goldfish Portia de Rossi and Rojo Calente, British TV like the Clangers, Inuyasha.


Genre: Noise
Volume: Loud
Instruments: Japanese novelty key chains, the blue KORG Electribe, microKORG
Inspiration/Notes: Sea Robins, my Sea Robin costume, Neon Genesis Evangeleon, Kaiju, Rodan, 90′s gabber, Inuyasha.

The Sea Robin Parade

Genre: Ambient
Volume: Low (maybe medium at the end)
Instruments: Actual ocean waves, KORG Kaossilator, microKORG, Seagull acoustic, computerized vocals
Inspiration/Notes: Sea Robins, my Sea Robin costume, British TV.