Milkshake Daddy: Aquatic Ape Hypothesis (2010)

Milkshake Daddy: Aquatic Ape Hypothesis (2010)

Aquatic Ape Hypothesis recorded in February of 2010 by Milkshake Daddy.

Download Milkshake Daddy: Aquatic Ape Hypothesis (2010) (59MB ZIP). Download Album Art.

Milkshake Daddy: Aquatic Ape Hypothesis (2010)

1) Light Dispelling Darkness:

Rock noise about a sculpture in Roosevelt Park in Edison NJ. Features a mandolin solo!

2) Convexagon:

Industrial soundtrack for the continuing saga of the satellite and the giant man-fish monster.

3) Aquatic Ape Hypothesis:

Instrumental rock soundtrack for the epic adventures of the Aquatic Ape Man.

4) Cathy:

An ambient song dedicated to the dolphin who played Flipper.

5) Curiosity:

Instrumental rock song about the Curiosity rover.

6) The Fifth Instar Parts 1 and 2:

An ambient soundtrack for the emergence of Magicicada cicadas.

7) Neil Degrasse High:

An ambient track that brings to mind space, and all the beauty it has to offer.

8) Super Sloppy Space Junk:

A funky odessy about the space junk that orbits the earth.

9) SakanaYasha:

Fish Demon Attacks!

10) The Luddite:

No keyboards on this track!


The album was recorded as part of the 2010 RPM Challenge. The license for Milkshake Daddy: Aquatic Ape Hypothesis is Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0).

Aquatic Ape Hypothesis is an audio odyssey spanning the genres of electronic rock, ambient, acid rock, funk and instrumental, and inspired by futurism, B-movies, science fiction, science fact, NASA, space exploration, Japanese giant monsters, fish, cicada insects, and even Flipper. Instruments used include: mandolin, bass, electric guitar, Stylophone, various Korg keyboards & sound devices, a Bliptronic 5000, BOSS drum machine, a “Take Back the Noise” bent-circuit noise device, an iMac, and my throat.


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