Milkshake Daddy: Substitute Songwriter (2011)

Substitute Songwriter recorded in February of 2011 by Milkshake Daddy.

Download Milkshake Daddy: Substitute Songwriter (2011) (59 MB ZIP). Download Album Art.

Milkshake Daddy: Substitute Songwriter (2011)

1) Cellphone in the pit:

2) The Plastic Colors of Summer:

Genre: Pop Rock
There’s a movie called The Plastic Colors of Summer, but this song only shares the title. I wanted something chaotic and rhythmic, like summer can be.
Equipment: Gibson SG, moxMatrix iPad app, various noise making toys from Japan.

3) Lost the F’ing Manual:

Genre: Pop Rock
You can’t read the fucking manual (RTFM) if you’ve lost the fucking manual (LTFM).
Equipment: microKorg, FunkBox iPad app, vocals, Schecter Bass

4) Kim Park Can’t Lose:

Genre: Psychedelic Rock
Here’s the concept: no matter what video game you play – Star Craft, Halo, Brickbreaker – there’s always that dude who has the world-wide top score. This is the themesong for that dude.
Equipment: microKorg, Koassilator, Schecter Bass, Gibson SG, Drums! iPad app, various video games

5) Music for Mining on the Moon:

Genre: Pop Rock
Eventually we’ll be mining the moon for H3.
Equipment: Schecter Bass, Gibson SG, FunkBox iPad app, MorphWiz iPad app, KP3 Touchpad for vocals

6) The Hogyoku Breakdown Sphere:

Genre: Noise
This one is completely inspired by the manga Bleach. Google “wiki Hogyoku” for its definition.
Equipment: Gibson SG, Drums! iPad app, MorphWiz iPad app, microKorg, Schecter Bass, vocals

7) Sailing the Seas of Titan:

Genre: Ambient
Equipment: microKorg, Drums! iPad app

8) Virus in the Cloud:

Genre: Ambient
Equipment: Schecter Bass, FunkBox iPad app, Koassilator, microKorg, SoundPrism iPad app, MorphWiz iPad app

9) Eject the Capsule (SakanaYasha vs, NERV):

Genre: Anime Soundtrack
I need at least one track featuring the SakanaYasha Kaiju monster. This time he’s fighting EVA gundams instead of satellites.
Equipment: a Min Min Zemi cicada, Korg Electribe MX, microKorg, MorphWiz iPad app, Gibson SG

10) The Laws of Physics Breakdown:

Genre: Automated Jazz meets Guitar Noise
Equipment: Korg Electribe MX, Gibson SG, Drums! iPad app, Space iPad app, MorphWiz iPad app

11) The Party is Over:

Genre: Ambient
Equipment: Samples from an old public service film, tonematrix, microKorg, Drums! iPad app, Schecter Bass


The album was recorded in February of 2011 for the 2011 RPM Challenge. The license for Milkshake Daddy: Substitute Songwriter is Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0).

Production notes: All songs recorded using GarageBand with help from Audacity. Instruments were piped though a Boss DR 880 (ironic as I didn’t use it for drums) and a Presonus Firebox. I use a Shure Beta 58 mic.

Inspirations: modern technology, social media, modern culture, Anime, geek speak, video gamers in Korea with fast internet connections, video games new and old, the moon, the future, Bleach (the main Aizen arc, not the filler crap), SakanaYasha the giant fish-man kaiju, Neon Genesis Evangeleon, punk rock, cow punk, Nova, tv shows about outerspace, cloud computing, the TWIT and TWIG podcasts, Nasa, JPL, 3D animations of planets, jazz, Gershwin, old public service films, my fans, and the RPM Challenge.


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