Art Projects

Lunchtime Paint-Marker Sketches (2019)

Sketches on spray-painted canvases, inspired by old firecracker labels.

My lunchtime paint marker sketches

Snail Bombing (2018)

Clay snails dropped in various places in public locations and bars. Look our for snails!

Can’t stop the 🐌 snails

The complete Moon Snail family.

2016 Art Show

A dozen or so paintings created in a single afternoon, based on the first dozen or so images of friends' pets that showed on Instagram. Materials: acrylic paint, glitter, markers.

art howing chihuahua

art cat

art cosmicat

art rectangle

art spy

art cool wiz

Gallery photo 1

Various projects (2014 - 2016)

Lisa Frank Skull

A skull made from Lisa Frank stickers. 2014.

Lisa Frank skull #art

Clay Skulls

Flat skulls make of modeling clay, painted with spray paint, and suspended with pins through the eyes. 2016.

Clay skulls #art

Christmas Squid and Wizard Santa

Spray paint and marker on plywood. Squid 2015. Wizard Santa 2014.

Christmas calamari #christmaslights #SANTA

Clay Octopus

Fimo/Sculpey Octopus with Vacuum Tube Head. 2014.

Vacuum tube octopus πŸ™ This one I made. I make art one a year.