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Updated: Thursday February 01, 2024.


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Music & Video Equipment

  1. Catskull Electronics
  3. Sleepy Circuits

Good Record Shops

Pop Culture

YouTube Channels

  1. 8-Bit Guy: computers and electronics
  2. Abroad in Japan. Japanese culture.
  3. Afro Tech Mods: electronics
  4. Ashens: weird food, unboxings, geek stuff
  5. AvE: disassembles machines
  6. Beyond the Press: smashing things
  7. Big Clive: electronics disassembly
  8. Cars and Water: red hot nickle ball
  9. Cathode Ray Dude: video technology
  10. Coalcracker Bushcraft
  11. Cody's Lab: science experiments
  12. Computerphile: computers
  13. Crime Pays but Botany Doesn't:plant life
  14. Dan Bell, Film It: urban exploration.
  15. Dan Bell, This Is: urban exploration.
  16. Deep Sky Videos: space science
  17. Diode Press: electronics
  18. CaptainDisillusion. Debunking Video Tricks
  19. EEV Blog: electronics
  20. Electro Boom: electronics
  21. Electron Instructor: electronics
  22. Engineer 775 Practical Preppers
  23. Engineerguy
  24. Explaining Computers: computers
  25. The Exploring Series: SCP explained, sci-fi
  26. First we Feast: food & hot sauce
  27. Fran Blanche: electronics.
  28. Found Footage Festival. Odd VHS Tapes.
  29. Guitologist: guitar and amp repair
  30. Hey! It's Mosogourmet!!: food prep
  31. Household Hacker: life hacks
  32. Hydraulic Press Channel
  33. Kurz Gesagt - In a Nutshell: science
  34. Lock Picking Lawyer
  35. LGR: retro computers
  36. Mental Floss: facts
  37. MKK3ch: food prep
  38. Mr. Carlson's Lab: electronics
  39. Nasa Science Casts
  40. New England Forests
  41. NightHawkInLight: science experiments
  42. Nile Red: science experiments
  43. Numberphile: math
  44. NurdRage: science experiments
  45. Paul Sellers: woodworking
  46. PBS Space Time: space science
  47. Peter Brown: woodworking & epoxy
  48. Periodic Videos
  49. Red Letter Media: wacky movie reviews
  50. Report of the Week: food reviews and shortwave radio
  51. Sigma 3 Survival: outdoor survival
  52. Sixty Symbols: science
  53. Some Ordinary Gamers: Internet security
  54. SpaceX: rocket launches
  55. Taofledermaus: projectiles and mercury
  56. Theoria Apophasis: magnet fun & photography
  57. Techmoan: home electronics
  58. The Tim Dillon Show: comedy for the 21st century
  59. Tom Scott: interesting facts
  60. This is Dan Bell: exploration of the abandoned
  61. Townsends: 18th century cooking
  62. Vsauce & Vsauce 2 & Vsauce 3: science
  63. Vice Grip Garage
  64. VWestlife: home audio
  65. What is Going on With Shipping? w/Sal Mercogliano


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