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Updated: Saturday July 06, 2024.

lava lamplogo from 1996

Mini "Link Blog"

The best link blog on the internet:

  1. Twin Peaks inspired commercials featuring Kyle McLaughlin for Arby's potato cakes: The Uncovering and The Orientation. 7/6.
  2. The Amazing Complexity of old pinball machines. 6/23.
  3. Lost scenes from Pee-wee's Big Adventure. 6/23.
  4. These kids made a dog-robot Furbie hybrid and it is disturbing. 6/23.
  5. Buy an Angry Cat Shirt while you still can. 6/23.
  6. New products coming from (KLF, Ancients of Mu Mu) K2: Money Money Money Pills Pills Pills on August 23rd. 6/23.
  7. I never thought I would see and hear Ministry play their electropop 1980s tracks, but here it is Ministry Live at Cruel World 2024 in Pasadena, CA. 6/22.
  8. WaxTrax! is steadily re-releasing classic Industrial tracks on vinyl, like MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT EP. These songs were huge in clubs in the 1990s but never had the escape velocity to make it to the mainstream. 6/22.
  9. I dig this Crepuscular Operations Group Patch. I would rather have the design on a shirt though. 6/22.
  10. I was thinking about GatorGum yesterday. There's a Facebook group for GatorGum. 6/22.
  11. The best things at convenience stories right now are Mango-flavored Doritos and Ghost energy drinks. 6/22.
  12. Comic book fans: Pre-order the 1982 DC Comics Style Guide. 6/14.
  13. Use Weaponized Incompetence to make your life comfortable. 6/14.
  14. Countries that have sent animals to space. 6/14.
  15. Step by Step graffiti how-to demonstration. 6/14.
  16. This is how fancy-colored records are made. 5/26.
  17. Classic ? YouTube video #11 Can I pet that DAWG? 5/26.
  18. I bought an RTL-SDR software-defined radio kit to listen to the space station, but it is pretty good for FM radio as well. I'm using Gqrx as my software. 5/26.
  19. Classic YouTube video #10 Twin Peaks ACTUALLY EXPLAINED (No, Really) is a four-hour, thirty-five-minute documentary that attempts to explain Twin Peaks. This one is for fans only. It is also good if you have problems falling asleep. 5/26.
  20. Classic YouTube video #9 The Greatest 7-Minute Sequence In Joe Rogan Experience History. I've had a version of this conversation dozens of times in my life. Human males are relatively soft and weak, pound for pound, compared to other creatures -- it's a fear we explore regularly. Lately, I've been wondering what it would be like if chihuahuas had the power and size of a German Shepherd. Chihuahuas are fearless and loyal, and if they were 30 times larger they could eat Amazon delivery drivers. 5/26.
  21. Classic YouTube video #8 Go Sports Broccoli Girl Original Clip will resonate with people who do not quite get the appeal of sports. And people who like broccoli. 5/26.
  22. Classic YouTube video #7 Exploring the SCP Foundation: The Ouroboros Cycle (All Parts). This is a three-hour, nineteen-minute video narrating the SPC Foundation's Ouroboros cycle, which is a possibly fictional set of stories about supernatural entities from the possibly fictional SPC Foundation wiki. My favorite type of science fiction. It's good to play when you have trouble sleeping at night. Not as creepy as other possibly fictional SPC stories like SCP-2845 - THE DEER. 5/26.
  23. Classic YouTube video #6 Intro to Identifying Flowering Plants by Crime Pays But Botany Doesn't. Learn about flowers from America's favorite botanist, Joey Santore. 5/26.
  24. Classic YouTube video #5 JonTron's StarCade: Episode 9 - The Star Wars Holiday Special (FINALE) by Jon Tron. The finest and most humorous review of (arguably) the fourth-best Star Wars movie. Everyone loves when Jon Tron yells. 5/26.
  25. Classic YouTube video #4 A Different Spaghetti Bolognese by Kay's Cooking. Shocking without being gross or offensive. 5/26.
  26. Classic YouTube video #3 Nyan cat man. This is a live action parody of the Nyan cat meme from the... early 00s? The guy in the video reminds me of the bass player for a band I was in back in the 1980s. 5/26.
  27. Classic YouTube video #2 Kung Fury. This is a crowd-funded movie that parodies 1980 martial arts films, and takes it to the extreme. Very well done and humorous. 5/26.
  28. Classic YouTube video #1 What is PACHINKO: Japan's STRANGEST Obsession! by the channel TheUwagaPies, which seems to be on permanent hiatus. This is one of the best mini-documentaries on YouTube. If you like rushes of dopamine from flashing multi-colored lights, electro-mechnical sounds and the thrill of gambling, this video is for you. 5/26.
  29. If Google recommends eating one small rock per day, I hope ice cubes count. 5/26.
  30. Is the Camry dent a thing? Reminds me of a dent I had on my old Altima. Yes, I had an Altima. 5/26.
  31. I wish my bestie was an opposum. Maybe not. Maybe. 5/26.
  32. A Showbiz Pizza advertisement. 5/26.
  33. If you like sour drinks Ghost Sour Patch Kids & War Heads drinks are pretty good. 5/26.
  34. Google AI's take on sumo wrestling for prenant ladies. 5/25.
  35. Google AI's pizza glue hack. 5/25.
  36. Google AI urges kidney stone sufferers to drink urine. I wonder if that works for gout as well. 5/25.
  37. Google AI claims everyting on the Internet is 100% real. 5/25.
  38. Google is destroying itself. Google's AI results are often ridiculous or even dangerous. 5/25.
  39. Happy Mother's Day. Mr. T knows you must Treat your Mother Right! 5/12.
  40. What if Black Sabbath covered Dolly Parton's Jolene? It would sound like this. 5/12.
  41. The sedimentary rocks of the future will include plastic made by humans. An anthropogenic marker horizon in the future rock record. 5/12.
  42. AI is used to create songs that sound like 1950s-70s R&B, Country and Easy Listening hits. But most of the songs are sexual or scatological Which can be funny. 5/12.
  43. All I want is a piece of bread song. Short but sweet, like raisin bread. 5/12.
  44. The art of Danial Ryan features many paintings of cats smoking cigarettes. 5/12.
  45. How come no one told me the TV show Orville was hilarious? I feel like I've been standing my whole life and I just sat down. The tingles! 5/12.
  46. It's good to watch This Lizard Video at least once a month. 5/12.
  47. If you're looking for military surplus, American Pipe Dream has it. 5/12.
  48. I am interested in this geological adventure in Canada as long as I can bring back rocks. 5/12.
  49. I started to watch Fallout on Amazon Prime. It's not bad. The set design and gadget designs are excellent. 4/21.
  50. MF DOOM Vs. The Grateful Dead and Wu-Tang Vs. The Beatles album-length mashups. I rarely listen to The Beatles or the Dead, but these mixes make them palatable. 4/21.
  51. Hundreds of Beavers is the best film I've seen in a long while. It is like the live-action version of a 1930s cartoon. 4/21.
  52. America is changing rapidly. Vermont-based photographer Jim Westphalen is documenting its rural decline. 4/21.
  53. 60-year-old Conan O'Brien on Hot Wings was peak Conan O'Brien. I'm glad he still has an edge. 4/21.
  54. Duel'in Firemen was a video game that almost happened in the 1990s. This promotional video features many B-Movie stars like Rudy Ray Moore and musicians from DEVO. 4/6.
  55. A documentary about the comic Elfquest. 3/16.
  56. When your French Fries are 10 minutes late on DoorDash. I love this video and I think that is because it represents the attitude of people in the North East and the fun of hanging out late at night and eating junk food. 3/6.
  57. What do we want for dinner? Vegans will hate this song, although I sense the irony in the performer's delivery and presentation. They might actually be vegans. 3/6.
  58. The difference between Southern and Northern French accents. I have a Quebec French accent. 3/6.
  59. Beetronics FX makes bee-utiful guitar pedals. 3/6.
  60. Kenneth Befus's rock videos rock. 3/6.
  61. Beer commercials were added to Star Wars in Chile. 3/6.
  62. Dime Store Adventures might be the best YouTube channel. Unusual New England folk stories explored. 2/25.
  63. Cardboard art show at Monmouth University. 2/21.
  64. The World's Greatest Speakers. Maybe, maybe not, but it's fun to experiment with. Attaching exciters to random surfaces. Where to buy them. 2/21.
  65. Sasquatch Sunset red-band trailer. A movie about Sasquatches. That's my kind of movie. 2/21.
  66. Stupid Simple Tools. I don't need them, but I want to buy them all. 2/21.
  67. Casio SK Sampler Pack Cassette (1986). 2/11.
  68. The state of the New Jersey Pinelands. 2/1.
  69. Old mines and quarries I'm interested in checking out: Winter Mine, Montville Serpentine Deposit, and Cobb Mine. 2/1.
  70. Lava Lamp FAQ. I have a Lava Lite and 4 Lava Lamps (in a storage unit). 2/1
  71. The Fastest Way to Lose Half a Million Dollars. My Ferrari is Gone. That time WhistlinDiesel's Ferrari caught fire and melted after he met Gort the Capybara. Coincidence? There are no coincidences. 1/28.
  72. Interviewing Killdozer Victims (I Brought My Bulldozer). Looks like WhistlinDiesel is building his own Killdozer. 1/28
  73. 4K remaster of the Star Wars Holiday Special. I've gone on record before that this was the 4th best Star Wars movie because it is entertaining. 1/15.
  74. Scrub Oaks Mine is my favorite mine. #rocks 1/15.
  75. Demo for the New Jersey metal band PREY. 1983. \m/ 1/13.
  76. Lava Lamps are an interesting novelty. They're powered by incandescent lights, which are mostly outlawed now. 1/13.
  77. Trailside Nature and Science Center. Union County. Nature and #rocks 1/13.
  78. The Gemeral Store #rocks 1/13.
  79. Jabba The Huttcracker by Retro Custom Art. Perhaps the best Christmas decoration of all. 1/13.
  80. Steamboat Willie is in the public domain. Steamboat Willie is the original incarnation of Mickey Mouse. Now he belongs to us all. 1/1.
  81. Tom Scott quits making videos. 1/1.
  82. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2024!
  83. Visit the Mini-Blog archive for links from 2019-23.

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