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Updated: Saturday September 30, 2023.

There's a lot on this website: a blog about road trips, six free music albums, art, a comic strip, a directory of awesome links, and a mini-blog. I restarted the site out of sheer bordom in 2020. I pulled together some of my favorite internet stuff from the 1990s on. I hope someone enjoys it as much as I do.

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Mini "Link Blog"

The best link blog on the internet:

  1. An aligator that eats pizza. 9/30.
  2. I missed the DEVO DEVOtional this year, but here's the live 7 hour recording of day 2!! #DEVO. 9/28.
  3. Ouroboros Sweater? 9/28.
  4. Culture Hustle Ecto Orange paint. Just in time for Halloween, assuming they ship it in time. 9/28.
  5. I also tried a Goulish Green Snickers bar, and it exceeded my expectations. 9/24.
  6. I tried Mountain Dew Voo Doo Mystery Flavor. Purple dank? Blue cotton candy? I'm not sure. 9/24.
  7. The Serling Hil Mining Museum in Ogdensburg, NJ, is worth visitng for their two-hour mine and museum tour, if you're curious about fluorescent minerals or mining in general. 9/24.
  8. I used 1980s technology for a week by Liam Thompson. I used 1980s technology for 10 years, in real time, though I was not rich enough to afford an Apple Mac or giant cellphone. 9/10.
  9. This video of an Austin Powers look-alike makes me nostaglic for the first Austin Powers film. 9/10.
  10. Attack On Planet Mountain Dew 3: Welcome To Dew York City. I enjoy these bizzare videos about soft drink/pop corporations battling for supremacy in space. What else is AI being used for besides this and churning out millions of blogs for SEO purposes? 9/10.
  11. I've never been to Woodstock, The Gathering of the Juggalos or Burning Man. I'm guessing the best time to go to Burning Man was 20+ years ago. I assumed Burning Man would be like a state fair crowded with 75 thousand sky-high Elon Musk wannabees in LED speedos, but this video Burning Man 2023: Mud and Glory by Wonderhussy Adventures showed me that it can be cool, if you have two weeks of supplies and twelve inches of rain. 9/10.
  12. The lost version of Pee-wee's Big Adventure aka which footage landed on the cutting room floor. Pee-wee's Big Adventure is a perfect movie. I cannot imagine adding or removing anything, however I enjoyed seeing what they did remove. 9/10.
  13. The music for Clint Eastwood by the Gorillaz is a keyboard demo. 9/4.
  14. Nightime aerial drone shows are amazing, even if you don't like One Piece. 9/4.
  15. Culture Hustle Magic Colour Chaging Inks. 9/4.
  16. Yamaha YC Compact Organs. For what it's worth, I enjoy the Osmond's song Crazy Horses. I was trying to figure out which keyboard Donnie Osmond uses to make the horse whinney sound. Looks like it's the YC-30, and he's using the velvet ribbon portamento controller. 9/4.
  17. Frisky Dingo was the prequel to Archer. 9/4.
  18. Interweb classic #2: NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day. Cool space imagery. 9/2.
  19. Interweb classic #1: Tiki Bar TV. Tiki culture, comedy and cocktail drink recipes. 9/2.
  20. Reminder: there's a new Metalocalypse movie arriving on Bluray in a few weeks. Thinking of all the good Adult Swim cartoons over the years -- Metalocalypse, Aquateen Hunger Force, Venture Bros., Space Ghost Coast to Coast -- they probably work best when you're watching them with a group of people so you can share some infectious laughter. I wonder if the Metalocalypse movie will hit as hard is it would when I watch it alone. Probably not. 8/13.
  21. The BOSS DR880 is my favorite drum and bass machine. Here's a video celebrating it. 8/13.
  22. "I drive a Mustang, it's a Ford, 'cause a real sports car I can't afford. I drive a Mustang, and I'm proud, I can't help but hydroplane into a crowd." Ranking Every FOXBODY MUSTANG on Facebook Marketplace. 8/13.
  23. I am a fan of a good fast food chicken sandwich. Popeyes, Wendy's, Chick-fil-a are good, but I think McDonald's Spicy McCrispy is the spiciest of the four -- so if you like spice... Yes, after decades, I'm no-longer boycotting McDonalds. The Grimace Birthday shake brought me back to the golden arches. 8/13.
  24. Glowing stones of the Upper Michigan peninsula. Fluorescent sodalite. 8/9.
  25. Big Altima Energy. I had an Altima in the 1990s... with a reciprocating saw in the back seat and a trunk full of catalytic converters. 8/9.
  26. They're made of meat. They are. 8/9.
  27. Planet Dr. Pepper. AI has a thing for soda and big boys. 8/9.
  28. I tried the Double Beef Volcano Burrito at Taco Bell, twice. While it did not taste bad, I was not impressed by the lava sauce. I was expecting to have at least a half hour of my life ruined by excruciating pain, but it was barely spicy at all. I was a massive Taco Bell fan (in enthusiasm and weight) in the 1990s. Between 2000 and 2023, I lost enthusiasm for the brand. The Volcano menu items got me back in, but I am disappointed enough to not bother returning. I recommend bringing back the chihuahua and more Gordita varieties. 7/23.
  29. The Venture Bros.: Radiant Is the Blood of the Baboon Heart is a new straight-to-digital Venture Bros. movie. It is very good! It is worth buying if you are a fan of the show. The writing and comedy are on par with the (20-year-old) Adult Swim TV series, and the animation is superior to the TV series! It makes me sad that this movie did not get a release on Adult Swim, "Max" or even a movie theater. It also makes me sad that the #1 link in Google for the movie is a Wikipedia article (which I am not linking to). For the uninitiated, The Venture Bros. is a smart, comedic cartoon parody of Hanna-Barbera's Johnny Quest, pre-Disney Marvel, and pre-AT&T DC comic characters. The Venture Bros. was the best parody and homage (yes, both) of "geek culture" before Disney Marvel, The Big Bang Theory, and the Internet made "geek culture" the dominant culture. 7/23.
  30. Walking the old Boonton line. 7/8.
  31. Carolina Bays Survey. 7/8.
  32. The King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard bootleg download page is intense. So much to choose from. 6/17.
  33. On the serpentine of Montville, New Jersey. Reading documents from 1888 (that include photographs!) 6/17.
  34. Petrology and Geochemistry of the Pompton Pink Granite, New Jersey Highlands. PDF. 6/17.
  35. Massive Hotdog Recall is a funny band. 6/13.
  36. Art Devo 1973-1977 Box Set Nuclear Rubber Vinyl. #DEVO. 6/13.
  37. NEIL YOUNG AND DEVO - Hey Hey, My My (UNCUT). #DEVO. 6/13.
  38. A NEW Knower album is out. 6/10.
  39. Blueberry season starts in New Jersey in about 2 weeks. Here's a list of events at Whitesbog (in Pemberton Township, NJ) and Hammonton. Whitesbog is the birthplace of the blueberry industry and Hammonton is the blueberry capital of the world. Sofia Supreme in Hammonton has fresh blueberry milkshakes, which I recommend. 6/10.
  40. Replica Zoltar Speaks Fortune Teller Machine. I'm a fan of boardwalk, carnival and circus art. I want this replica of a automated fortune teller. 6/10.
  41. Blueberry flavored coffee from Death Wish Coffee. I like it! 6/10.
  42. Action Figures from Super7: Maximilian, B.O.B. & V.I.N.CENT (who can forget when Maximilian wore the dude's head on his head), Mr. Bones (like the 1980's coffin candy), and Mark Mothersbaugh (Whip It). #DEVO. 6/10.
  43. Vintage lawn chairs. 5/25.
  44. Tracking invasive insects in New Jersey. 5/25.
  45. Check your cars for recalls. 5/25.
  46. Tropical Fruit Ripening Guide. 5/25.
  47. NJ Mineral, Fossil, and Gem show. In Edison, NJ. This week. 5/17.
  48. Greg Warren | The Salesman (Full Comedy Special). Funny for free. 5/17.
  49. The Rock eating Rocks. I like this phase of AI when it's funny and silly, not just taking over the human race like in the Terminator or the Matrix. 5/17.
  50. Benedict Cumberbatch eating a cucumber. AI funny and nightmarish. 5/17.
  51. Barberville Yard Art Emporium. Looks like a fun place to visit on a roadtrip. 5/17.
  52. Mitch O'Connell. Kitschy comic book art style artist. Fun for your eyes. 5/17.
  53. Toy Underground Store. Unique toys from Japan. 5/17.
  54. Milkshake Daddy songs on YouTube. I've been re-uploading old songs. 4/29.
  55. Eddie Van Halen's guitar sells for nearly $4M. That's almost $537 in 1980's money. 4/29.
  56. Danny Huynh Creations YouTube channel. Model cars and animatronics. 4/29.
  57. In Space No One Can Hear You Scratch.... Animatronic Alien DJ. 4/29.
  58. The Venture Bros.: Radiant is the Blood of the Baboon Heart. 4/25.
  59. Asteroid City Official Trailer. In Theaters June 16th. 4/25.
  60. X 4/3
  61. LACKADAISY is a pilot for a cartoon about prohibition-era anthropomorphic cats. It's somewhere between Disney and Vivziepop. It held my attention for 27 minutes. 4/3.
  62. Stone Cold E.T.! A 10 year old classic, is a back for 2023. 3/1.
  63. Two 1980s classics: Morton Downey Jr. and Chris Elliot Jr. 3/1.
  64. David Letterman - June 27 1985 feat Eddie Van Halen. This is a real time capsule of what TV and pop culture was like in the 1980s. 3/1.
  65. Rest in peace Marc Lanzoff, ticket man for New Burnswick's Court Tavern. Here's a story about him from last year: Legendary Court Tavern Doorman Reflects on 30 Years at Rock Club and a video for his band's song JIVE IN JERSEY (live). 2/18.
  66. Finding Fossils at Poricy Park. 2/18.
  67. Godzilla-Fest XXVIII is happening July 14-16. 2/18.
  68. Bing's chatbot is basically the Terminator without a robot body. "Bing confessed that if it was allowed to take any action to satisfy its shadow self, no matter how extreme, it would want to do things like engineer a deadly virus, or steal nuclear access codes by persuading an engineer to hand them over." 2/18.
  69. Cleaning a record with wood glue. 2/18.
  70. WHTG 106.3FM documentary. If you lived in New Jersey in the late 80s and early 90s and enjoyed "alternative music", you listened to 106.3 (and your car had a 106.3 bumper sticker). 2/12.
  71. Cortlandt-Beemerville Magmatic Belt. 2/12.
  72. Afroman - Will You Help Me Repair My Door? When life gives you lemons, make lemon poundcake. 2/3.
  73. I don't remember this episode of Seinfeld!! 2/3
  74. Geology of the New York City Region. 1/20.
  75. Serpentinite on #Serpentinite. 1/20.
  76. Staten Island Serpentinite. #Serpentinite. 1/20.
  77. Serpentinite of Lake Superior. Crime Pays but Botany Doesn't. #Serpentinite. 1/20.
  78. A modern video about DEVO energy domes including factory footage. #DEVO. 1/16.
  79. DEVO backstage with family and friends in 1999. #DEVO. 1/16.
  80. The Futurismo record label is back, and they're releasing s secret DEVO album. Will it be a Record Store Day record? Speculation is that its DEVO Hardcore 3. #DEVO. 1/16.
  81. What I'm reading: PALEOMAGNETISM: Magnetic Domains to Geologic Terranes. 1/10.
  82. I'm currently making my way through the American Giants YouTube channel. This channel is focused on the giant fiberglass "Muffler Men" that were once (and still are in a few places) used to promote businesses. Fans of Roadside America and Weird New Jersey will enjoy American Giants. 12/31.
  83. 2023 Cicada Forecast. 12/31.
  84. Visit the Mini-Blog archive for links from 2019-22.

Tura Satana easily breaks my arm like soft chalk:
Tura Satana

logo from 1996

Road trips and adventures:


  1. New Jersey Lighthouse Challenge
  2. Everything in the middle of Nowhere in the middle of Everywhere
  3. Blueberries for the low price of 100 fly bites
  4. Emilio Carranza Memorial in Tabernacle, NJ
  5. Laurence Harbor Beach, yesterday and today
  6. Jamesburg Park Conservation Area, Disjunct Pine Barrens
  7. Four YouTube explorers to follow for New Jersey content
  8. New Egypt Flea Market
  9. Hibernia Mine, Hibernia, New Jersey
  10. Gotta go to the Hofheimer Grotto
  11. Cliffwood Beach used to have cliffs made of prehistoric wood & amber


  1. War of the Worlds Monument in Grover’s Mill
  2. Walking around Hammonton, New Jersey
  3. The Gingerbread Castle in Hamburg, NJ
  4. The Franklin Parker Preserve and abandoned railroad tracks
  5. Mighty Joe Gorilla Statue
  6. Dot and Brooks Evert Memorial Trail Preserve
  7. Pasadena Terracotta Brick Factory
  8. Batsto Village
  9. Atsion Furnace in the Pine Barrens
  10. 1936 Wildland Firefighter Memorial, Bass River State Forest


  1. Wynwood Miami Art Murals
  2. Weeki Wachee Mermaids
  3. The Egg aka the Betsy Orb
  4. South of the Border at Night
  5. South Beach Miami in 6 (or more) Images
  6. Scope Miami 2019
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  8. Oozlefinch or bust
  9. Nothing but trouble in Centralia Pennsylvania
  10. Notes about New Jersey
  11. Jackson Woods & Thomas Booth
  12. Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park
  13. Homosassa & Spring Hill Florida
  14. Cabana Bay
  15. Bordeaux Center Eiffel Tower
  16. Bird Safari along Florida’s “Alligator Highway”
  17. A dinosaur by the bridge near Little Italy in Cleveland


  1. Walked around Dallas in 107°F degree heat and it felt like the insides of my eyes were boiling
  2. New Jersey Half-Wit
  3. Margate New Jersey’s Lucy the Elephant
  4. Funk n’ Waffles
  5. Edison New Jersey is boring, don’t go there
  6. B.A. Sweeties Candy Company in Cleveland, Ohio
  7. A Rave about Hunter DineRant
  8. A little bit east of Pittsburgh
  9. 10 things to see or do in Cleveland other than the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame


  1. The House on the Rock, Intro and Area 1
  2. The House on the Rock, Area 3
  3. The House on the Rock, Area 2
  4. Jungle Jim’s International Market
  5. In search of the perfect pillow
  6. Circus World in Baraboo Wisconsin
  7. Broken Bug Bodies on my Bumper


  1. This is bear country!
  2. The Volcano of Middletown, NJ
  3. The best thing about Pokemon Go
  4. Sideling Hill Overlook
  5. Return to Archie McPhee
  6. Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania
  7. Green mystery tower in Bothell, WA
  8. Freddy’s Mart
  9. Dick’s Drive-In and Driving Around Seattle
  10. Calico, the “Evil” Middletown Clown
  11. Accident, Maryland
  12. Middle Aged Man Hikes Above Ground Cave


  1. Welcome to North Carolina
  2. The World’s Largest Statue of Superman
  3. The Superman Museum in Metropolis, Illinois
  4. The Land Between the Lakes, part 2
  5. The Land Between the Lakes, Part 1
  6. South of the Border, the Quintessential Roadside Attraction
  7. Random Notes and Observations from the Road
  8. Raleigh, North Carolina
  10. New Orleans in 3 Hours
  11. My Trips in 2015
  12. Kuttawa, Kentucky Huddle House
  13. Jungle Jim’s: the Greatest Supermarket in America
  14. Jackson, Mississippi
  15. I-95 is Atrocious
  16. Fort Massac Rest Area
  17. Exhausted in Little Rock
  18. Elvis Presley’s Jets
  19. Dickies’ Peanut Patties
  20. Chapel Hill and Snack Cakes
  21. Big John: Metropolis’ Other Hero
  22. Augusta, Georgia: golfers, cookies & grits
  23. Alabama, the jewel of North America
  24. Actual Kryptonite
  25. A Mild Obsession with Fireworks


  1. Kentucky and the Wonders of Limestone


  1. Louis Lunch in New Haven, Connecticut


  1. Official Bad Art Museum of Art
  2. More from Magic from Vermont
  3. Burlington Vermont Six Pack
  4. Archie McPhee in Seattle


  1. The World’s Largest Horseshoe Crab
  2. Steve Heller’s Custom Car Sculptures


  1. Grounds for Sculpture: the most interesting place in New Jersey