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Updated: Sunday February 25, 2024.

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Mini "Link Blog"

The best link blog on the internet:

  1. Dime Store Adventures might be the best YouTube channel. Unusual New England folk stories explored. 2/25.
  2. Carboard art show at Monmouth University. 2/21.
  3. The World's Greatest Speakers. Maybe, maybe not, but fun to experiment with. Attaching exciters to random surfaces. Where to buy them. 2/21.
  4. Sasquatch Sunset redband trailer. A movie about Sasquatches. That's my kind of movie. 2/21.
  5. Stupid Simple Tools. I don't need them, but I want to buy them all. 2/21.
  6. Casio SK Sampler Pack Cassette (1986). 2/11.
  7. The state of the New Jersey Pinelands. 2/1.
  8. Old mines and quarries I'm interested in checking out: Winter Mine, Montville Serpentine Deposit, and Cobb Mine. 2/1.
  9. Lava Lamp FAQ. I have a Lava Lite and 4 Lava Lamps (in a storage unit). 2/1
  10. The Fastest Way to Lose Half a Million Dollars. My Ferrari is Gone. That time WhistlinDiesel's Ferrari caught fire and melted after he met Gort the Capybara. Coincidence? There are no coincidences. 1/28.
  11. Interviewing Killdozer Victims (I Brought My Bulldozer). Looks like WhistlinDiesel is building his own Killdozer. 1/28
  12. 4K remaster of the Star Wars Holiday Special. I've gone on record before that this was the 4th best Star Wars movie, because it is entertaining. 1/15.
  13. Scrub Oaks Mine is my favorite mine. #rocks 1/15.
  14. Demo for the New Jersey metal band PREY. 1983. \m/ 1/13.
  15. Lava Lamps are an interesting novelty. They're powered by incadenscent lights, which are mostly outlawed now. 1/13.
  16. Trailside Nature and Science Center. Union County. Nature and #rocks 1/13.
  17. A&G Gems and Rugs #rocks 1/13.
  18. The Gemeral Store #rocks 1/13.
  19. Jabba The Huttcracker by Retro Custom Art. Perhaps the best Christmas decoration of all. 1/13.
  20. Steamboat Willie is in the pubic domain. Steamboat Willie is the orginal incarnation of Mickey Mouse. Now he belongs to us all. 1/1.
  21. Tom Scott quits making videos. 1/1.
  22. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2024!
  23. Visit the Mini-Blog archive for links from 2019-23.

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