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Updated: Saturday December 31, 2022.

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  1. Tosche Station Deleted Scene Re-cut into A New Hope. When I was a kid obsessed with Star Wars lore (1977-1983) the character Biggs was a bit of a mystery. My friends and I can recall the Tosche Station scenes from seeing the first move in 1977, but they were edited out by the time the made it to broadcast TV, laser disc or BetaMax. Maybe it was a dream, ESP, or the Mandela Effect, but I remember those scenes back then, and I remember thinking how it reminded me of my uncle and his friends, fresh out of the Vietnam War, hanging out at the local bar. It was nice to see these scenes brought back to the film. #VideoFest2022. 12/26.
  2. MyCoast: New Jersey, Help Document our Changing Coast. 12/25.
  3. Eddie Van Halen's Guitar Tech Tom Weber Restrings and Sets Up an EVH Frankenstein Frankie Guitar. 12/25. #VideoFest2022. 12/21.
  4. Runnin' With the Devil, but just David Lee Roth's screams. 12/25.
  5. Eric Dollard - History and Theory of Electricity. #VideoFest2022. 12/21.
  6. Shapes was a weird Adult Swim TV special. #VideoFest2022. Plenty weird. 12/21.
  7. Gremloids Star Wars parody from 1984. #VideoFest2022. 12/21.
  8. Might as well rank the Star Wars movies or series that I've seen in order of entertainment value: 1) Empire, 2) A New Hope, 3) 🎅 The Holiday Special, 4) Return of the Jedi, 5) The Mandalorian, 6) the Red Letter Media YouTube series about the prequels, 7) The Clone Wars, 8) Rogue One, 9) Attack of the Clones & Revenge of the Sith (they are kinda like one big blob of meme fodder), 10) Boba Fett series, 11) Phantom Menace, 12) an unpopular opinion but The Last Jedi (followed by watching Vito's YouTube about it as a palate cleanser), 13) Han Solo movie, 14) The Force Awakens, and 15) The Rise of Skywalker. That's all I've seen.
  9. 🎅 I enjoyed Elf, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, A Christmas Story, the Grinch and the Rankin-Bass claymation movies the first 50 times I saw them each. My favorite Christmas movie is the Star Wars Holiday Special (the 3rd best Star Wars movie) and in particular I like JonTron's video about the Star Wars Holiday Special. #VideoFest2022. 12/20.
  10. Blowing up Capacitors at 187,000 frames per second. #VideoFest2022. 12/20.
  11. Marilyn Sobel - Plants of the New Jersey Pine Barrens. #VideoFest2022. 12/20.
  12. I'm a huge fan (256 pounds to be exact) of Little Debbie Snack Cakes, so this We Tried EVERY Little Debbie Snack video was enjoyable. I'm also a fan of the band Southern Culture on the Skids. #VideoFest2022. 12/20.
  13. This Nyan cat man video cracks me up. Maybe because he reminds me of the bass player of my first band. Just his face and hair -- not the cat, rainbow and Poptart parts. #VideoFest2022. 12/20.
  14. I enjoyed these videos by SprottEDU about ore deposit formation. #VideoFest2022. 12/20.
  15. Learn to Identify Lake Huron Rocks with Two Geologists. Very interesting to a rock hound like me. Subscribe to Michigan Rocks. Subscribe to DrNat13. #VideoFest2022. 12/20.
  16. Jake Brake From Hell Compilation 2021. I had no idea what a Jake Brake was until YouTube recommended this video to me. Now I hear them all the time on the highway. Will the Tesla semi have a Jake Brake simulator noise? #VideoFest2022. 12/20.
  17. How the World Sounds to Animals. Dogs experience life at an 80 frame/second frame-rate, which makes us look like we're moving in slow motion to them. Awesome video. #VideoFest2022. 12/20.
  18. Chocolate Truffles or Potato Fairies? Actually they're rain frogs. Very cute. #VideoFest2022. 12/20.
  19. My four favorite New Jersey area exploration YouTube channels: The Wandering Woodsman, DD Explores, Rustic Ventures, and cherri400. #VideoFest2022. 12/20.
  20. Hey! The Institute of Official Cheer is still online! I was looking up old websites that focus on retro popular culture, like i-mockery 🎅 and Retrocrush. Reminiscing about the old early 2000s web. 12/20.
  21. A collection of photos of gelatin mold desserts and entres. Weird and enchanting. 12/20.
  22. Awful Library Books. A blog! About horrible books. Send this link to your bibliophile and librarian friends. Recycle bad books -- that's what I do. 12/20.
  23. 🎅 José Van Haliano - Ain't Talkin' 'bout Feliz Navidad. 12/15.
  24. Toro y Moi 'MAHAL' Listening Party is the best music video of the 21st century. 12/13.
  25. Bad Back (Osteopaths Of Glory Mix) - MJ Hibbett is the best music video of now. 12/13.
  26. Cohansey Formation. Southern New Jersey is a giant beach. 12/2.
  27. Meteor tracking information.. 12/2.
  28. 🎅 Krampus wall decor. Krampus is an Austrian Christmas demon than brings bad kids to hell. 12/2.
  29. More about Mutha 016 - The Secret Syde / Erebus LP. 12/2.
  30. The Secret Syde – Erebus an unreleased post-punk album, that hopefully gets released. RIP drummer Rob Angello. 12/2.
  31. WebTV Emulation. 12/2.
  32. Aphex Twin Umbrella Windowlicker. I don't need this, but I want it. But it's sold out. 12/2.
  33. Cocaine Bear. Seems to have the same ridiculous vibe as Snakes on a Plane. 12/2.
  34. The Truth About Ugly Minerals. Respect! I have boxes of 'uglies'. 11/27.
  35. The exclusiveness of Oeteldonkers. A search for rainfrog gashapon on Aliexpress somehow lead me to the exclusive carnival world of Oeteldonk. 11/27.
  36. This is a comprehensive list of alkaline rock localities in the USA. 11/27.
  37. NJ Lidar Data. 11/27.
  38. Pure of heart, dumb of ass. 11/27.
  39. Atomic Surplus mid-century/space age wall switch plates. 11/27.
  40. KICKSVILLE! Radio. Old rock n' roll you've probably never heard before. 11/23.
  41. Yawning Potato Fairy frogs. 11/23.
  42. Klon guitar pedals. 11/23.
  43. Tiny helmets for chickens. 11/23.
  44. First time hearing Cradle of Filth "Her Ghost In The Fog" a vampire and demon react to vocals on this metal track. 11/19.
  45. Swiss Colony petits fours. A lifetime obsession. 11/19.
  46. Halloween is over! Merry Christmas! Merry Weird Christmas. 11/2.
  47. Only 5% of Plastic is actually recycled. 11/2.
  48. The only Halloween music mix I found this year. 11/2.
  49. Archie McPhee's fall lineup of new products, includes Ceasar Salad flavored candy canes. 11/2.
  50. Discmaster. An online archive of CDRs. 10/26.
  51. Soft Cell Ft JG Thirlwell Ghost Rider by Suicide Beacon Theatre 8/30/22. 10/24.
  52. Lithic Comparative Collection. 10/12.
  53. Track Bird Migrations. 10/12.
  54. Music To Spazz By with Dave the Spazz: Playlists and Archives. 10/12.
  55. Bedrock geologic map of the Branchville quadrangle, Sussex County, New Jersey. 10/12.
  56. Discount Blue DEVO energy dome hats for sale. #DEVO. 10/6.
  57. Electronicos Fantasticos. 10/4
  58. Popular bog locations: Whitesbog, Cloverdale, Franklin-Parker, Double Trouble State Park. 10/24
  59. Pyramid and Turkey Mountain. PDF. 10/4
  60. Stirling Brook ('Carnelian Creek'). Rock hounding location. 10/4
  61. Warren Township's hidden wonder: The mysterious Hofheimer Grotto. 10/4
  62. Longmont Point Castle. I haven't listened to this one yet. Phone pranks. 9/22
  63. rAw TiMe cable access show from Austin in 1999. For fans of phone pranks. 9/22
  64. rocks. 9/22
  65. Geology of the Dover magnetite district, Morris County, New Jersey is a good name for my next prog album. 9/22
  66. The minerals of Franklin and Sterling Hill, Sussex County, New Jersey. GLOW. 9/22
  67. is the world's largest open database of minerals, rocks, meteorites and the localities they come from. 9/22
  68. Artfully Rogue: metallic robot structures. 4/22
  69. What the hell was Blog House? 4/22
  70. Perscope Films. Lots of classic PSA films from the past. 4/22
  71. Timothee Chalamet replaced by Elmo in Dune. 4/22
  72. Having fun with the Introducing Circuit Playground. 3/27
  73. Sound and Machinery. KAIRAI BUNCH. 3/27
  74. I like ceramic art. Jason Jacques Gallery. 3/27
  75. Adafruit Circuit Playground Library Reference 3/27
  76. Someone wrote a song called Atomic Chifforobe. 3/10
  77. BicBugs sells dead insects. Pretty ones. 3/10
  78. Big Clive: electronics projects. 3/6
  79. The 8-Bit Guy: retro computing & music. 3/16
  80. Arduino vs. Evil. 3/16
  81. GO SPORTS!. 3/6
  82. Evicshen. I like the record that is also a speaker. 2/21
  83. Frogs defending a cell phone 2/20.
  84. Vintage Soda Cans 2/20.
  85. I want to visit Haunted Trails Miniature Golf in Burbank, Illinois 2/20.
  86. Assorted Dinosaur statues 2/20
  87. Barnacles are terrifyingly interesting. 2/20.
  88. W Axolotl Cupcake 2/20.
  89. True Jersey official source of New Jersey marchandise. 2/20.
  90. Rootless Coffee 2/20
  91. Bones Coffee 2/20
  92. Booskerdoo Coffee 2/20
  93. The past few years I've been obsessed with DEVO. Now I'm obsessed with Van Halen Roth era. Not sure how long it will last. And by obsessed I mean "watch videos on YouTube about Eddie Van Halen's guitar and amp modifications". For starters, check out Dweezil Zappa's Running with the Dweezil Podcast 1/25.
  94. Prince started doing jumps because he was jealous of David Lee Roth 1/25.
  95. Eddie Van Halen got his stripped guitar idea from the punk band Dils 1/25.
  96. Set your TV to Filmaker Mode, for the best picture. Or Movie mode. If you still have a TV. 1/25
  97. How to turn steel black. 1/25
  98. Orangutan drives golf cart while listening to Phil Collins. 1/25
  99. Zine Idea Generator. Zines where like Blogs made of paper. 1/25
  100. Circle of Fifths. Music theory. 1/25
  101. Book cover art generator. It uses AI. 1/25
  102. The Day My Baby Gave Me A Surprise. A rare DEVO clip from 1975. 1/25. #DEVO
  103. The Devil’s in the details. Ben Franklin's to blame for the Jersey Devil? 1/25


  1. Consortium of North American Lichen Herbaria. (12/29)
  2. Kitty & Mr. C's Enchanted Tiki Hut Show. (12/29)
  3. The DestinyLand Podcast was one of my favorites from 2006. I found it on (12/21)
  4. An old blog/forum about the NJ Pine Barrens. (12/21)
  5. American Chairs makes 1950s style replicas of kitchen and diner chairs. (12/21)
  6. The Washington Wormhole. Not about politics. (12/21)
  7. Speed Racer Goes Crazy. (12/21)
  8. The trailer from Severance on Apple+. (12/21)
  9. Debbie Harry x H.R. Giger (12/21)
  10. We're Not Gonna Take It - Mariah Carey Christmas Special. A new Christmas classic. #Xmas. (12/4)
  11. Willow Osborne - Foggy Mountain Breakdown. (12/4)
  12. A tour of a West Virginia holler. (12/4)
  13. Learn about sub-prime mortgages from Time Dillion. (12/4)
  14. Arcane Bullshit. Wacky bumperstickers. (12/4)
  15. Police, Fire, EMS, Aviation, and Rail Audio Feeds online. From what I've read, the new generation of "Police Scanners" are difficult to use. Might as well use this website. There are a lot of explosions and sirens going off in my town, so I would like to know what's going on. (11/28)
  16. Prank Christmas cards #Xmas (11/28)
  17. Make your own Wireless LED lights. (11/28)
  18. Get the Prince TAFKAP font. (11/28)
  19. Sand Planet. Not Dune, but a Star Wars parody. (11/13)
  20. Electric Six - Danger! High Voltage. Fire in the Disco! Fire in the Taco Bell! Today I was reminded of this catchy song & video from 2002. (11/13)
  21. Where is Lucy?! Track the first spacecraft to explore the Trojan Asteroids of Jupiter! (11/17)
  22. [온스테이지2.0] 이루리 - Dive. Reminds me of the poppier side of post punk like Talking Heads. (11/13)
  23. What's going on with Shipping? As a former Sandy Hook "boat spotter", this YouTube site is interesting. (11/7)
  24. Professor Eric Laithwaite: Magnetic River. From 1975. (11/7)
  25. A guitar made with a TV. (11/7)
  26. Meeting of the "Byeahs". Bug collection? Check! I think I'm a Byeah at heart. (11/7)
  27. GET A HOBBY: work with ROCKS and CEMENT like JOHN DUNSWORTH. Jim Lahey of Trailer Park Boys. (11/7)
  28. A guitar made from a surfboard. (11/7)
  29. If Baby Yoda was a Cat (Mandalorian + OwlKitty). (11/7)
  30. The Old Country Buffet carving station is the worst place to make conversation. (11/7)
  31. Rammstein's Du Hast sung my Animals. (11/7)
  32. How to tell the difference between slag glass and obsidian. Essential information. (11/7)
  33. Philip Jefferies action figure. #TwinPeaks (9/12)
  34. e4e + StyleCLIPglobal for Everyone.ipynb Code for making cartoons into people. Watch this for an explanation. (9/12)
  35. YM2149 Synth (8/22)
  36. Chipgear: YM2149 Synth overview (Atari ST soundchip) (8/22)
  37. Impersonator ++ software (8/22)
  38. Spiceknot "If You Wanna Breathe My Sulfur" (8/22)
  39. Blue Jets (like lightning) over Sonora (8/22)
  40. Circuit Bent Video Enhancer (8/22)
  41. Sleepy Tube for video experimentation. (8/22)
  42. "The Empire was right " Star Wars theory. (8/22)
  43. Giant Crystal Cave (8/22)
  44. Randall Carlson's Cosmic Patterns and Cycles of Catastrophe (8/22)
  45. Furby Organ (6/9)
  46. Lighthouse Glossary of Terms (6/9)
  47. 5 Neat Guys I'm glad I wasn't a teenager in the 50s. (6/9)
  48. The Golden Segment ϕdelity. (6/9)
  49. Build speakers with foam board (5/28)
  50. DIY speakers for $30 (5/28)
  51. Karate Frog (5/28)
  52. More DEVO shirts #DEVO (5/28)
  53. Cicadas invade N.J. town where aliens landed in ‘War of the Worlds’ (5/28)
  54. Disappearing car door (5/28)
  55. 3-DEVO Live!! Best sound ever!, live #DEVO show. (4/24)
  56. Super Saturday Softubi Show, for fans of vinyl Godzilla/Kaiju figures (4/24)
  57. Delia Derbyshire, electronic musician (4/24)
  58. Star Trek: the Captain's Log, a chill montage of moments from Star Trek TNG (4/24)
  59. DEVO interview on David Letterman. #DEVO (3/23)
  60. New Poppy song EAT. (3/23)
  61. 1942 & 1943 Replicade retro video games.
  62. New Southern Culture on the Skids record. (3/12)
  63. 27 Ltr Rolls Royce Merlin Engine Street Legal Car. The hood is as long as the rest of the car! (3/12)
  64. A lost anime found in a vinyl record. Interesting story of obsessive media research. (3/12)
  65. Camaro floats in the air at high speed. (3/12)
  66. Samples Daft Punk used. (3/12)
  67. Hypno Semi-Modular Video Synthesizer System. (3/12)
  68. Oscilloscope Audio Display by AVE. #Oscilloscope. (2/28)
  69. Oscilloscope Music - Pictures from Sound by Techmoan. #Oscilloscope. (2/28)
  70. Oscilloscope Music by Jerobeam Fenderson. #Oscilloscope. (2/28)
  71. Oscilloscope Music - (Drawing with Sound) by Smarter Every Day. #Oscilloscope. (2/28)
  72. acapella iPhone sounds. (2/28)
  73. R.I.P. Daft Punk. (2/18)
  74. the Art of Code. (2/28)
  75. Why your NES is a TV station. An interesting video about the NES video game system and RF TV (because digital is boring). (2/6)
  76. The Guidebook to Marine Trash. Plastic is trashing our oceans. (1/27)
  77. Sushi art (1/27)
  78. This video is very weird (1/27)
  79. I want to visit the Sip n Dip in Montana. (1/27)
  80. DEVO Funko Pops will be released on 1/29/21 #DEVO
  81. More Nova Rockafeller: this video makes me nostalgic for super markets and this video features an impressive live performance (1/19)
  82. Hot Sam's Antiques and Foto Park in Lakeville, MN (1/19)
  83. Radioshack is back, at least online. (1/19)
  84. I enjoyed Red Letter Media's re:views of Twin Peaks season 3: Part 1 and Part 2. And yes, I also listed to (watched some) the 4 and a half hour Twin Peaks ACTUALLY EXPLAINED (No, Really) by Twin Perfect. (1/19) #DavidLynch
  85. Enjoying the song Hey You by Nova Rockafeller (1/16)
  86. Chubacabra t-shirt (1/13)
  87. Bass Boosted Cat (1/13)


  1. The last #Xmas link of the year: Breaking the Boar by Randy Taylor (12/30)
  2. HD Video of a Giant Squid (12/30)
  3. Vintage cigarette dispensers (12/30)
  4. Submarine Pickups (12/30)
  5. I enjoyed the animated short films HAZBIN HOTEL and HELLUVA BOSS. Definitely for adults. (12/25)
  6. Ubuweb's sound page has been around for over 15 years. It features audio clips from artists & other creative folks. I haven't visited the real/classic web (i.e. not Facebook, Twitter, IG, YouTube) much in recent years, but I'm glad Ubuweb still exists. (12/26)
  7. Daredevil 266, the best Christmas-themed comic book #Xmas (12/25)
  8. Buy road cones online (12/24)
  9. Jackpot Records has a nice selection of reprints of vintage records like Martin Denny Exotica LPs (12/24)
  10. Vicetone & Tony Igy - Astronomia [1 Hour Version]. The song of 2020? (12/24)
  11. Hidden Mathematics by Randal Carlson (12/24)
  12. Slayer X Wham! the worst #Xmas song, or the best? (12/24)
  13. JonTron's review of the Star Wars Holiday Special (11/17) #Xmas
  14. The Star Wars Holiday Special (12/17) #Xmas
  15. A mysterious undersea creature (12/17)
  16. An archive of Psychotronic Video Zine issues (12/17)
  17. Nyanners Goes Crazy For Swords. Nothing about 2020 was normal. (12/13)
  18. According to Spotify, the artists I most frequently listened to in 2020 were: Grimes, Poppy, King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, Kim Petras and Knower. (12/10)
  19. A collection of cigarette ads featuring Santa (12/10) #Xmas
  20. Weird Christmas is simply the best Christmas website (12/10) #Xmas
  21. Night photography for Christmas lights (12/10) #Xmas
  22. Twin Peaks inspired Christmas music (12/10) #Xmas #DavidLynch
  23. All I want for Christmas is a Goat (12/10) #Xmas
  24. Dead Cosmonaut action figure (12/3)
  25. Ironman likes his snacks. Art. (12/3)
  26. Russian Cyberpunk Farm. Actual Video Footage. (12/3)
  27. The Muffler Men of Route 66 (12/3)
  28. A huge directory of Joe Camel images (12/3)
  29. Taco (Bell Grim) Reaper shirt. (12/3)
  30. Roadside Attractions Status that are opened or closed. (12/3)
  31. I'm glad link blogs like Waxy and Everlasting Blort are still around. (12/3)
  32. Tommy Siegel's Butt Birds. (12/3)
  33. Nike Dunk SB Low Toxic Sea Robbin. My favorite sneaker. (11/25)
  34. Nike SB "Toxic Sea Robin" Dunk Low. In an un-listed 2009 August release from Nike SB comes this Dunk Low dubbed the “Toxic Sea Robin". The best. (11/25)
  35. Surströmming Pasta recipe. Control yourself. (11/25)
  36. Home-brew lava lamps (11/21)
  37. The Devo Guitar Guide. (11/17) #DEVO
  38. Gerald Casale - It’s All Devo. Also buy Gerald's wine. (11/17) #DEVO
  39. The all time best live DEVO recording. (11/17) #DEVO
  40. The Rugs of Mark Mothersbaugh. I own one. (11/17) #DEVO
  41. Let Me Tickle Your Fancy by Jermaine Jackson, featuring Devo. (11/17) #DEVO
  42. Booji Boy on the Dr. Demento show. (11/17) #DEVO
  43. DEVO featured on the K-Tel compilation Radio Active. (11/17) #DEVO
  44. The McDonalds Happy Meal toy that ripped off DEVO's energy dome (hat). (11/17) #DEVO
  45. DEVO - Focus Group: Color - Part 1. (11/17) #DEVO
  46. Devo - E-Z Listening Muzak Cassettes, Vol's 1 & 2 (1981 & 1984). Futurismo released these recordings on vinyl & CD in 2016. (11/17) #DEVO
  47. Devo LP insert, 1984. (11/17) #DEVO
  48. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction [Booji Boy Version]. (11/17) #DEVO
  49. DEVO rarities. (11/17) #DEVO
  50. A young person's guide to: DEVO Live. (11/17) #DEVO
  51. The Angriest Dog in the World. A comic by David Lynch. (11/17) #DavidLynch
  52. Tiny Dogs on Big Mushrooms (11/17)
  53. The Manual: How To Have A Number 1 The Easy Way (11/17)
  54. The Great Necco Wafer Panic of 2018.(11/15)
  55. Silica Gel, the band of the DEVO mega-fan who runs the DEVOtional DEVO convention. (11/15)
  56. I'm amazed how much music is on Spotify. In the 00's it might take me years to find a certain obscure song or album, but today almost anything I want is on Spotify. So much KPM library music is there. (11/15)
  57. Official KPM site for folks who would license library music for their productions. (11/8)
  58. Sam Spence, Art of the Synthesizer. Moogy library music. (11/8)
  59. KPM Music Library - Music For Dancefloors. Another KPM/Library album. (11/8)
  60. The Mood Modern: KPM and Bruton Music story revealed. A book about library music. (11/8)
  61. KPM library Funk. (11/8)
  62. The Strange World of Library Music. Library music is generic music prepared for movies, film and industrial films. A lot of it sounds as good as music by better known performers. (11/8)
  63. The Institute of Official Cheer. Pop culture website that's been around since 1997. (11/8)
  64. Mini Dragon's Lair Arcade Game. (11/8)
  65. Video Game Mini Files (11/8)
  66. People can't stop talking about the chess TV show on Netflix, but the best chess performance I saw this year was xQc VS moistcr1tikal (11/8)
  67. The worst cooking on YouTube (11/6)
  68. The Christmas Little Debbie Cakes are out. Get them while they're fresh. Order them online. (11/6)
  69. You think these bars can keep me in here?! (11/6)
  70. Emergency Goat! (10/24)
  71. Chihuahua goes crazy when... (10/24)
  72. You want some Mountain Dew? (10/24)
  73. The best Jurassic Park sequel. (10/24)
  74. Red Sprites and Blue Jets explained. (10/24)
  75. A font for the Prince symbol. Back in the 90's the musician changed his name to a glyph. (10/24)
  76. Exploring the SCP Foundation: The Ouroboros Cycle (All Parts). Spoken word paranormal science fiction. (10/14)
  77. Smeagol (hairless cat) hates Halloween (10/14)
  78. Bigfoot playing a saxophone. (10/14)
  79. BirdCast. Find out when birds are migrating through your area. (10/14)
  80. Underwater Flamingo Feeding (10/14)
  81. Buy Thomas's Trendy Socks (10/14)
  82. Big Iron on His Hip (8/23)
  83. Lizard Greets Man Like a Dog (8/23)
  84. 直播动态 Soundboard (8/23)
  85. Ghost Hunting Equipment (8/23)
  86. Animated Glow-In-The-Dark TV Pins (5/9)
  87. lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/study to collectable (5/9)
  88. Retro Sci-Fi Art from Alejandro Burdisio (5/9)
  89. Pachinko machines are like video games, pinball machines and slot machines all-in-one. Check out Modern Pachinko if you want to buy one, and What is PACHINKO: Japan's STRANGEST Obsession! (YouTube) for a mini documentary about them. (3/22)
  90. If you like comic books, check out Cartoonist Kayfabe and if you want to be a master of creating art with a Xerox machine, read Re: A Guide To Reproduction. (3/22)
  91. Beer named after chihuahuas: Chihuahua Cerveza. I bought a 6-pack and it was good. (3/22)
  92. Mathmos and Lava, the Original are two online sources of Lava Lamps. I own a Lava Lite (different company, I think), and 3 Lava Lamps (not sure of the origin). (3/22)


  1. Currently enjoying music by: Knower, Louis Cole, Grimes, and King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard. (12/31)
  2. New Rudy Ray Moore record RUDY RAY MOORE - STEP IT UP AND GO 10". (11/24)
  3. Westerly Sweater. What the Dude wore in The Big Lebowski. (11/24)
  4. How Daylight Saving Time Affects Your Part of the Country. Western Indiana in June is nice. (11/24)
  5. Optical Argyle Kitty Sweater In Blue. (11/24)
  6. 441 sets of Homophones. Please add Earl and URL. (11/15)
  7. Tardigrade toes. Tough but tiny. (11/5)
  8. Dragon Farm. Exotic beta fish. (11/5)
  9. Camera lenses inspired by the eyes of spiders. (11/5)
  10. A live map of flights currently over the greater NYC area. (11/5)
  11. Xenochu is a Pikachu Alien Xenomorph hybrid... that you can own and love. (11/5)
  12. Ancient Earth Globe. What did the earth look like 100,000,000 years ago? Hint: lots of Sleestaks. (11/5)
  13. Type like a H4ck3r. (11/5)
  14. Cherpumple Cake is a 3 layer cake filled with an cherry, apple and pumpkin pie. (11/5)
  15. Parks Standards Manual. (9/22)
  16. Halloween Glitter Kitty pin. (9/22)
  17. Rock isn't dead. Case in point, Flightless Records. (8/17)
  18. Mini arcade games: New Wave Toys. Tempest is my favorite. (8/17)
  19. Classic: Geraldine the dog that sounds like a Tie-Fighter. (8/17)
  20. Eddy Van Halen Announces Replica "Bumblebee" Guitar. 18 year old me thinks this is a great idea. (8/11)
  21. Check out this amazing looking toad. Red, white, black and beige. All the colors of my living room. (7/6)
  22. The SCTV YouTube page offers funny clips from the 1970s/80s Canadian comedy show Second City Television. SCTV featured comedians John Candy, Martin Short, Catherine O'Hara, and Harold Ramis to name a few. (7/6)
  23. Listen to rhubarb grow. (7/6)
  24. Wow Lynch Wow! provides insightful reviews of season 3 of Twin Peaks. I enjoyed season 3, but parts of it remain mysterious and inscrutable. (7/4)
  25. Trader Vics Tiki Mugs. If you're going to drink in the summer, you might as well drink with style. (6/27)
  26. Gamechanger Audio MOTOR Synth uses tiny motors and light to synthesize sound. (6/27)
  27. This guy is excavting his basement with tiny model machines. (6/26)
  28. Mad Scientist is creating underwater habitats for hamsters. (6/25)
  29. Gato Malo. Makes me laugh every time. (6/25)
  30. This raccoon t-shirt is the best t-shirt. (6/25)
  31. This octopus t-shirt is the other best t-shirt. I own one in every color. (6/25)
  32. Grand Royal Magazine was a 'zine released by members of the Beastie Boys. It's a great time capsule of what culture was like in the early/mid 1990s. (6/23)
  33. The top of Ohio was once part of Connecticut. Surprising. (6/23)
  34. Rent the movie Us. It's a great summer psychological horror comedy trip. Warning: the song 'Got 5 On It' is a ear worm, and you'll sing it for days. (6/23)