Gummi Fries / Gootine

Comedian Ari Shaffir has a podcast called the Skeptic Tank. Ari talks about his invention “Gummi Fries” / “Gootine” in the latest episode. Gummi Fries is when you melt Gummi Bears over French fries. It sounds weird. It sounds like it would taste bad. But I’m sure I’ll try it at some point.

Ari Shaffir

The episode also features struggling comedian Nick Mullen. Nick’s stories of trying to live in New York City on next to no money are pretty hard core. In an age where comedians are the new rock stars (both in terms of celebrity and earning potential), it’s hard to imagine any comedian having to struggle, but 99% of them probably are living in poverty.

This reminds me of all the guys and gals who had bands in the 90s, living in crappy apartments and working crappy part time jobs, while trying to get their bands signed. Only 1% made it. And of course only 1% of those make it today, because there’s no more money in the music business (for musicians). If you’re Apple or Amazon, there’s plenty of money.

Major Lazer Cartoon

Major Lazer is a side project of the musician Diplo (probably most famous for his association with M.I.A.). You’ve probably seen the video for the Major Lazer song Pon De Floor, and it’s visually exciting and hypnotic video.

Now Major Lazer has it’s own 1970/80’s Hanna-Barbera style cartoon (think Scooby Doo or the Mr. T cartoon). It’s quite entertaining!

Major Lazer

Check out the 2nd episode, The Island of Ibiza:

Mainstream media starts talking about Nibiru

The Green boy isn’t on NBC or CNN but he’s as mainstream as you can get.

Today on SciShow Space the Green boy talked about Nibiru. He didn’t specifically say Nibiru, but read between the lines.

Time to finish your underground bunker, if you know what I’m saying.

Will CERN be used to drag earth into the sun, or Nibiru?

BP Earthwatch is good for stuff like finding out about how the sun causes earthquakes. Obviously the main stream press will not tell you about stuff like this.

BP is starting a new series today called CERN/ACTIVATING WORLD COLLIDERS which should be quite exciting. Imagine CERN and Fermilab being used to pull earth into the sun using the Magnetic Portals Connect Earth to the Sun. Or maybe Nibiru. Or maybe use the sun to slingshot us into Nibiru. I’m not sure, I’ve only watched part 1.

Here’s part 1:


Try saying this band’s name 10 times fast: Uke-Hunt! On second thought… don’t!

Regardless of how his name sounds, Uke plays a ukulele, so the name fits. A ukulele is like a violin you play like a guitar. He is playing the Asbury Lanes in June.