New Egypt Flea Market

New Jersey has many well-known flea markets (aka “boot sales” or “swap meets”), including New Egypt, Englishtown, Collingswood, Golden Nugget, and Columbus.

The New Egypt Flea Market Village has the most character of all the Jersey markets. While most markets have one or two year-round buildings and vast parking lots filled with tables and tents, New Egypt is comprised of a village of tiny, colorful houses, each with its own unique personality and goods for sale. It’s a stew of hillbilly, hippy, gypsy, rock n’ roll, Americana, and rural charm. You’ll find well-curated shops selling music, toys, antiques, homemade soaps, dried flowers from the Pine Barrens, coffee, and more (see the merchant list). You won’t find as many of the “dollar store” type items like off-brand batteries, cell phone cases, crew socks, and cheap sunglasses that dominate other fleas.

The entrance to the New Egypt Flea Market features weathered signs that look like they were last painted in 1969 with paint left over from a swimming pool (or my Dad’s old station wagon).
Entrance to New Egypt Flea Market

The day I visited there was a car show and a rockabilly concert. The guys from Weird New Jersey had a table to sell their magazine, patches, and stickers.
Classic Car

The wood-carved pig caught my eye. Now I’m hungry for Pork Roll. There’s a place next door to the flea market that resembles Barter Town from Mad Mad where chainsaw bears, eagles, and other beasts are made.

Wooden Pig

Balloons made of old vinyl records on the side of a music shop:
Record Balloons

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